Jazz in the Muzeum

By Peter S. Meyer

01. Apr. 2007

The exhibition Visual Voice - Finn Nygaard Design on the occasion of the emission of the Galathea 3 stamps in March is also showing a wide selection of the artist's many posters. On the balcony of the museum jazz posters are on display and can be contemplated to the strains of good jazz music. 

Finn Nygaard's poster "A tribute to Ronald Kirk" for Aarhus International Jazz Festival 2000 won the "ILMC Award, London World Wide Award for Outdoor Posters" in 2001. 

The jazz posters are some Finn Nygaard's most outstanding works. They have been executed during a period of 13 years and right from the beginning Finn Nygaard developed the distinctive style that characterizes his posters. A simplified motif with sharp outlines stands against a surface in one colour opposed to free strokes of the brush and clear, almost calligraphic drawings. The dynamics of the posters are achieved by this combination of tranquillity and movement.

The purpose of the posters is to attract attention and draw attention to themselves. On the balcony of the museum they succeed by means of the chosen presentation of the posters to add a totally new dimension to the room which is intensified even more by muffled jazz music.

The exhibition was described in great detail in the last issue of the MuseumsPosten, which we will be pleased to forward on request. Or perhaps you should pick up the magazine in connection with a visit to the museum - if not sooner, then in connection with Copenhagen Jazz Festival at the beginning of July 2007. 

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