New Exhibition Ready for "Take-Off" - on the Internet

By Martin Rovang Jensen

01. Aug. 2006

The popular temporary exhibition at Post & Tele Museum "The Airship is Coming!" goes online. Meet or revisit the impressive giants in an entertaining and colourful web-exhibition which gets all around the many achievements of the airships.

Mechanics in one of the airship's motor gondolas - photographed over Berlin in 1933. 

Anyone who is bitten with zeppelins is recommend-ed to visit the homepage of Post & Tele Museum after the exhibition has been closed down on 22nd October 2006 and explore the fascinating history of the airships, vividly and excitingly brought alive through numerous anecdotes, objects, photos, and video cuts. A considerable part of the material has never before been accessible to the broad public so it is a unique chance to get an exciting glimpse of the life on board an airship.

Especially the many rare video cuts give you an impression of "being there". You cannot avoid feeling a bit dizzy when you watch the wind-swept mechanic crawling down the ladder to the engine gondola, or losing your breath when you see the enormous airship, Graf Zeppelin, float over the spectators at the landing field.

On the homepage you can, of course, also read about the advanced technology of the airships, their journeys to foreign countries, and their great importance to the communication of that time, but in addition, the web-exhibition also contains a number of biassed angles on the giants of the air. Crazy postcards with airship motifs, cows' appendices to be used for the large gas cells, and Susie the chimpanzee that travelled as a passenger are all contributing to tell the story of the airships in a new and surprising way.


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